Surface Mount 2" Square Breakaway Sign Post Coupler (Set of Two)

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 Install a compliant 2" square breakaway sign post with no digging or boring

  • Mounts with a 2" square sign post to create a MUTCD-compliant, NCHRP 350-compliant breakaway sign post system
  • MUTCD mandates that all roadside sign posts shall be breakaway
  • Boring out concrete is not needed for new sign post installations or when repairing damaged sign posts
  • Only one person needed to repair sign posts in half the time
  • Constructed from 80% recycled materials
  • Simply attach the breakaway device to concrete with the provided (3) wedge bolts
  • Reduces the risk of injury, as the sign post won’t strike and penetrate the windshield of a vehicle during a collision
  • Made of cast gray iron that withstands up to 120 mph winds
  • Installation hardware included, no special tools needed
Model Name2" Square Surface Mount Breakaway Post
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