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TreeTop Products is NYC's #1 Choice for Centerline Hardening

2,745 pedestrians are killed annually in traffic crashes occurring in intersections during left-hand turns. TreeTop Products offers treatments with the Vision Zero Safe System Approach in mind. We provide economical, convenient kits for left turn centerline hardening, right turn calming and daylighting solutions. Keep reading to learn more about our traffic calming solutions and why our speed bumps have the best overall safety features in the industry.  Request a quote or speak with our dedicated Traffic Safety Specialist about receiving a free sample!

Prevent pedestrian deaths and serious injuries in intersections. Slow traffic down, increase visibility. 15-year guarantee on traffic calming solutions.

3 Reasons Why Left Turns are Dangerous


Left turns are taken at a wider radius, leading to higher speeds, cutting corners closely and greater pedestrian and cyclist exposure.


The driver’s visibility is partially obscured by the vehicle’s A-pillar and/or parked cars.


Left turns are more complicated than right turns and require more mental and physical effort than other aspects of driving.

TreeTop Products' Competitive Edge

Whether it’s cost, warranty or safety features – we can’t be beat!

Our Premium Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps vs. the Competition


  • High quality & low cost with minimal maintenance
  • 15-year warranty - longest in the traffic safety industry
  • Double row of hardware guarantees solid installation
  • UV resistant - No fade, no chipping or fraying
  • Molded-in cat eye reflectors for nighttime visibility
  • Safe for emergency vehicles
  • Permanent or temporary installation, and quick-build eligible

THEIRS (Bollards and concrete islands)

  • Struck bollards damage vehicles and endanger bystanders
  • Low-quality & high price for maintenance and replacement parts
  • Interferes with emergency vehicles
  • Concrete bumps are costly, permanent, and labor intensive. Rerouting of utilities is often needed.

Winning: The Results Are In

Our Left Turn Calming Solutions have contributed to these remarkable improvements

Decrease in Traffic Fatalities or Pedestrian/Vehicle Conflicts

Bar Graph Decrease

Brooklyn, NY statistics are the reduction in fatalities or pedestrian and vehicle conflicts.
Toronto, CAN, Chicago, IL and Washington DC statistics are the reduction in pedestrian and vehicle conflicts.

Left Turn Speed Reduction Results

Larger reduction equals lower and safer speeds during left turns

Bar Graph Left Turn
grap chingo city portland stat block

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With Our Solutions, New York City, Had Its Safest Year

New York, a pedestrian-first city is an important litmus test for other cities to follow. Learn more about their 2023 traffic safety results.