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Hexagon Umbrella Shades

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Our umbrella designs offer the most flexibility in our shade structure line.

  • Blocks up to 97% of the sun's harmful UV rays, which pose a risk to skin health, especially in children
  • Provides a much needed cooling area for everyone, including children - whose bodies can heat up three to five times faster than adults
  • Offers the look of an umbrella, with the durability of a permanent structure
  • Ideal for aquatic play areas, parks and picnic areas, playgrounds and early childhood centers, restaurants, resorts/hotels, tennis courts, swings


  • Add style, comfort, and protection to your facility or property
  • Decrease the risks of skin cancer, heat stroke, and hypothermia 
  • Provide comfortable shelter from precipitation, cold temperatures, wind, and dust
  • Cover anything, from playground, patio furniture, and parking spaces - with the added bonus of noise buffering
  • Protect expensive property investments from sun and weather damage
  • Mold and mildew resistant, 100% expanded PTFE fiber fabric stretches over posts with EZ Glide 
  • Inground mount, powder-coated steel frames (posts)
  • On the hottest days, temperature under shade is several degrees lower than around it
  • Shade structure height indicates height from ground to eave of canopy – see specification sheet for more detailed dimensions and post length 
  • After posts are mounted into ground, fabric installation is usually a two-person job
  • Includes EZ Glide installation mechanism, which makes installation and removal of fabric easier than ever
  • Use an allen wrench and a cordless power drill to install/remove fabric
  • Seasonal removal of fabric recommended for areas with heavy snow or hurricane-like conditions


  • 20 year warranty on metal post structure
  • 10 year warranty on fabric 
  • 10 year warranty on thread
  • 5 year warranty on powder-coating
  • See attached Warranty Statement for details and exceptions

NOTE: This product ships on oversized pallets. If you do not have a fork lift and/or loading dock at your facility - please contact customer service to further assist with a custom shipping solution for delivery

Delivery Info

  • This product ships on oversized pallets
  • Due to the large size of this product, Lift Gate cannot be used to move this product on and off a delivery truck
  • If you DO NOT have access to a fork lift and/or loading dock at your facility - please contact customer service to further assist with a custom shipping solution to ensure proper delivery of product.


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