Golden Care Teak Protector - 1 L

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Protect teak and hardwood garden furniture

  • Easy-to-apply Teak Protector maintains the golden-brown color of teak up to four times longer than teak oil and up to twice as long as teak sealers
  • Teak Protector prevents black spots, and unlike teak oil, it isn’t greasy, so clothes stay clean
  • Our EcoSafe Protector is water-based and solvent-free, unlike other teak sealers and oils
  • Golden Care offers maintenance products that offer better performance and are safe for the environment
  • Our products are completely free of solvents (VOCs) and are non-irritating to the skin because they are manufactured from a water-based solution
Model NameTeak Protector
MaterialWater-Based Cleaner
Attached ApplicatorApplication Cloth